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A Culture of Curiosity

At GE Appliances, we’re ordinary people who come together to do the extraordinary. We do this by empowering our people to continually ask “What if?” and to always look for a better way.

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Innovation in Action

We’re leveraging the strength of our voice to raise awareness on issues that matter to our product users, employees, communities and business.

A Partnership to Help Advance Supplier Diversity in Louisville

The first of its kind partnership in the country, GE Appliances partnered with Greater Louisville Inc. to help us grow diverse-owned suppliers in our hometown to help us meet our goal of spending $1 billion in local diverse-owned suppliers by 2030 and create a more equitable community.

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Prioritizing Mental Health at GE Appliances

GE Applilances' quarterly Mental Health Matters series amplifies the voices and perspectives of our employees to raise awareness on the importance of mental health in the workplace.

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Innovative Health Benefit Empowers Kristen to Flourish, for Life

Learn about our employee who went from pre-diabetic to focusing on her health and having a new lease on life thanks to Virta–a diabetes reversal program employee benefit.

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Joining the Conversation on PTSD with Tony

Our own Tony Whelan shares how mental health care changed his life and encourages others to join the conversation.

Through our Citizenship strategy, we’re aligning people with their passions to implement bold and decisive action to bring about real change in our communities.

Innovating for the Greater Good with WaterStep

Since GE Appliances engineers helped create the M100 water chlorinator for WaterStep over a decade ago, the device has helped provide safe water to communities in need across 70+ countries—and now, they've created an even better model.


Einride and GE Appliances Make History with Autonomous Vehicle Pilot

The first public road pilot of Einride’s autonomous electric vehicle is an industry first, putting GE Appliances at the forefront of electric vehicle implementation.

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Driving Operational Sustainability with New Fleet of Electric Trucks

The new fleet of electric trucks en route between Kentucky, Georgia and Tennessee will increase efficiency, reliability and supply chain sustainability.

We’re accelerating innovation to create products with our consumers that match their lifestyles and personalities through our award-winning House of Brands.


GE Profile™ Smart Mixer Makes a Stir at CES Innovation Awards

The Smartest Mixer in the USA* is disrupting the baking industry with cutting-edge technology that gives its even beginning bakers the confidence to mix, whip, cream and emulsify to perfection pastries every time.


FirstBuild Launches Arden, a First-Of-Its-Kind Indoor Barbeque Smoker

Rain, sleet, snow or shine, it doesn’t matter, now you can smoke mouthwatering barbeque from the comfort of your own kitchen thanks to Arden’s groundbreaking smoke elimination system.

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GE Profile™ Transforms the Future of Laundry with UltraFast Combo

Combining two jobs into one, the UltraFast Combo eliminates the laundry day hassle of waiting around to transfer a load. And it received the top award for sustainable products from Green Builder.

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Induction Cooktop Line-Up Raises the Bar for Connected Kitchen Tech

Consumer interest and demand for this sustainable technology is growing, and from the company that brought you the industry’s first suite of connected appliances, our best-in-class connected features across Monogram, CAFÉ and GE Profile brands are raising the bar.

The Industry’s First Built-In Electronic Mixing Valve Hits the Market

GE Flexible Capacity Water Heater has the industry’s first built-in electronic mixing valve and is also a 2021 AHR Innovation of the Year Finalist. In short, this means you have the power of a large capacity hot water heater when you need it and don’t have to pay or use the resources to heat the water when you don’t.

FirstBuild Makes it Possible to Grow Gourmet Mushrooms Right at Home

A fully automated mushroom farm on your countertop? Yep, with closed-loop humidity control, lighting and fresh air exchange innovation, Mella brings fresh food and ecosystem partnership to connect users with the best mushroom growing kits.

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ClearView Raises the Bar in Energy Efficient Window Air Conditioner Innovation

Imagine a window air conditioner that still allows for a beautiful, unobstructed view! That’s why we created ClearView, which installs in the bottom of the window and will wow you with its ultra quiet, contemporary design and connected SmartHQ app integration. Turn on the AC as you’re driving home from work!

We’re ordinary people who come together to do the extraordinary. We empower our people to find their passion, which unlocks their ability to invent, design, make, deliver and service the world's best appliances.

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The Mindset that Drove GE Appliances' Digital Transformation

Could an appliance manufacturer adopt automotive methods to disrupt the industry? Thanks to the creativity and drive of engineers like Dave Leone, we’ve done just that.

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The Best Innovations are Born Out of Diversity

Executive Director, Cooking Products Technology Derrick Little lives by the idea that “we either win together or we do not win at all,” a mindset that’s led him to collaborate on more than 10 patents that make our appliances more efficient.

Innovating for the Future with Kyran

As the first female Chief Engineer of GE Appliances, Kyran Hoff is motivated to make the best products in the market every day to help users better manage their tasks in the kitchen so they can spend more time doing the things they love with the people they love.

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Sustainable Technologies Enable GE Appliances Employees to Reimagine the Future of Distribution

This is what happens when we connect people with their passion. Adam Wiseman, senior director of strategy, inventory and deployment, loves finding a better way to get our products from Y-X more efficiently and effectively. So he launched a plan to infuse our distribution network with electric vehicles.  

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GE Appliances Leads the Charge to a More Sustainable Future with Einride

Every day thousands of parts are moved between our manufacturing facilities and storage facilities. Always thinking about a better way, our own Harry Chase discusses how electric vehicles and autonomous technology are enabling GE Appliances to operate more efficiently—and sustainably.

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