A large circle made up of many small, white,  illustrated icons of appliances, clouds, leaves, bikes, and more. There are 5 larger icons in full color inside.
A large, colorful icon made up of two intersecting circles. A large, colorful location icon. A large, colorful house icon. A large, colorful checkmark icon. A large, colorful leaf icon.
A large circle made up of many small, white,  illustrated icons of appliances, clouds, leaves, bikes, and more. There are 5 larger icons in full color inside.
All of the illustrations are faded out except for a colored icon of two circles intersecting.
All of the illustrations are faded out except for a colored location icon.
All of the illustrations are faded out except for a colored house icon.
All of the illustrations are faded out except for a colored checkmark icon.
All of the illustrations are faded out except for a colored leaf icon.

Corporate Citizenship

At GE Appliances, we’re powered by inspiration, innovation and a vision to not just build the world’s best appliances, but to build stronger communities.

Through our Corporate Citizenship efforts, we come together to make and deliver good things that people need in the places where our employees live and work. Whether we’re providing frontline healthcare workers with new washers and dryers to clean and sanitize uniforms, helping outfit new homes for homeless veterans, offering consumers a lineup of hundreds of Energy Star appliances, or creating a more sustainable supply chain, our values at GE Appliances demonstrate and reflect our desire to protect our planet and strengthen the communities where we live and work.

Inclusion and Diversity

The very best innovations across every function of a company come from diverse teams. Our commitment to ensuring a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone is valued allows employees to perform at their best, every day. Diversity at GE Appliances helps us achieve zero distance to our owners, innovate smartly and connect to the communities and customers we serve.

Community Engagement

Our volunteer efforts and investments with community partners connect people with the resources they need to be successful and shape our future workforce. Whether we’re mentoring students, investing in manufacturing pathway programs or revitalizing entire neighborhoods, our employees show how much they value their communities by sharing their time and their talents.

Product Sustainability

At GE Appliances, we design environmentally conscious products with people and the planet in mind while providing superior product performance. We’re putting power in our owners’ hands by designing sustainable products that use less energy and water.

Compliance and Ethics

Our goal for GE Appliances and its worldwide subsidiaries is for all employees to act with integrity and promote a culture of compliance and ethics in order to be known by our stakeholders, partners and owners as a business you can trust and as one that operates openly and honestly.

Operations Sustainability

Throughout our state-of-the-art supply chain, GE Appliances is committed to reducing its environmental impact. From sourcing to manufacturing and distribution, our goal is to reduce our environmental footprint and help responsibly recycle appliances when they reach their end of life.

Corporate Citizenship Report

GE Appliances has a long history of investing to build stronger communities, promoting a culture of inclusion & diversity, offering hundreds of Energy Star appliances, and taking steps to help protect the environment. In 2021, the business published its first Corporate Citizenship Report outlining its progress as a company and charting a path forward for the future. The 2022 report is a current update reflecting the progress and continuous improvements we made to our business and citizenship strategies. It references the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and aligns with the United Nations Global Compact Principles and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

2022 Corporate Citizenship Report2021 Corporate Citizenship Report

$2.5 Million+invested in education and nonprofit organizations across the country with an additional $2 Million raised by 15,000 employees through our Blue Wave initiative

$82 Million spent with diverse suppliers in 2022; on our way to $1 Billion cumulatively by 2030

18,000 employee volunteer hours including engagement with students and communities

GE Appliances Celebrates our Community Heroes

Illustrations of a refrigerator, stove, dish washer, and washing machine in an outline style.

Everyday people across the U.S. bring good things, for life to the people, places, and communities they call home. We want to know who those everyday local heroes are in your community and advance their mission by donating a new appliance to aid their work in preparing and serving food, laundering clothes for families, and helping with other services that address critical needs of people in their neighborhood.

The program, modeled on a buy-one, give-one, or one-for-one model, will allow owners of new GE Appliances products to nominate a nonprofit organization of their choice to receive donated appliances to support the organization’s mission and services. A winning non-profit will be chosen every month.

Submit your nonprofit using the link below. The organization must be a registered charity in good standing.

Good Things, For Life

Young girl with glasses flexes her muscles in front of a GE refrigerator
The Visually Impaired Preschool Services organization in Louisville, KY received a full kitchen suite to support their young students.
Man loads laundry into one oof many commercial laundry units at the new Smoketown laundry mat
GE Appliances helps open Smoketown Laundry and hosts laundry day with YouthBuild KY
GEA employees in South Korea cook and serve meals to those in need during the Blue Wave volunteer event.
GEA employees in South Korea cook and serve meals to those in need during the Blue Wave volunteer event.
Two girls laugh with a tech center leader as they explore use of a musical keyboard connected to a computer
Youth make use of the technology available inside the YMCA Best Buy Teen Tech Center, a partner of GE Appliances and our commitment to development
GEA employees volunteering at the Sound the Alarm event
GE Appliances employees volunteering at the Sound the Alarm event

Photo taken pre-COVID-19.

Workforce Development

GE Appliances has been a leader in developing many of Louisville’s workforce development plans by investing in educational programs and developing new ways of promoting manufacturing careers. This included the creation of the Greater Louisville chapter of the Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (KYFAME), a work-and-learn program in which recent high school graduates are paid for 40-hours a week, including the two days spent in community college classes and graduate after two years practically debt-free with an associate’s degree in manufacturing technology.

The company has also re-established a long-dormant apprenticeship program for incumbent workers interested in upgrading their skills and increasing their earnings. And GE Appliances serves on the steering committee of Jefferson County Public Schools' Academies of Louisville initiative to ensure that more students graduate college and career ready. We are the premier business partner for the manufacturing career pathway at Doss High School.

The company also created GEA2DAY, a flexible workforce opportunity for high school and college students and others seeking part-time positions to work shifts on Mondays and Fridays and gain eligibility for tuition reimbursement up to $6,000 a year. In addition, we are a lead employer in Louisville Metro Government’s SummerWorks program, which provides high school students with full-time positions and training to alleviate youth unemployment.

Photo taken pre-COVID-19.


We’re committed to helping build stronger communities through community investments and partnerships with non-profit organizations focused on public education, developing the next generation of STEM and manufacturing professionals through the lens of equity and equality. Eligible non-profit organizations may submit a grant application by invitation during designated submission dates. Requests for appliance donations may be submitted throughout the year at GE Appliances Community Investments.