Connected cooking with GE Appliances keeps getting better. Here's why.

Nov 25th 2021

From No Preheat Air Fry launched this summer to Turkey Mode just in time for Thanksgiving, cooking for our connected consumers keeps getting better.

At GE Appliances, we've had a consistent goal to innovate meaningful software updates that drive real value for consumers connecting their appliances to the SmartHQ app.

By offering new capabilities to existing hardware in owners' homes, these updates enable appliances across our House of Brands to enhance the experience in the kitchen and beyond.

Our newly created "Cooking OTA" team, led by Director of Digital Transformation Taylor Dawson, focuses on sending monthly software upgrades to our user base. These features surprise and delight owners and create appliances that get better with time.

Since the team's launch, there have been two major releases. The first allows users to upgrade their appliances directly on their oven instead of updating via the app.

The second is Turkey Mode, a feature that gives owners the ability to cook a perfectly juicy and tender turkey without the stress of recipes, calculating weight, and adjusting temps.

It took a team of nearly 50 people to bring this feature to life, including a collaboration with our "Rocket OTA" team, which built the front-end experience complete with seasonal turkey wallpapers and a gobble sound that plays when the kitchen timer expires.

The Cooking OTA team handled the technical implementation of all back-end turkey mode features so that the oven does the heavy lifting on one of the most stressful cooking days of the year.

Read more about how we're leading the way to smarter cooking this holiday season in The Verge.

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