FORTUNE Magazine features GE Appliances' transformation story in latest issue

Aug 10th 2021

Leading multinational business magazine FORTUNE is recognizing GE Appliances for its accelerated momentum and innovative way of doing business. 

The company has earned a two-page feature article, highlighting GE Appliances’ transformation, in the August/September Global 500 issue of the magazine.

The article, Paving the Way, provides readers with a glimpse into the GEA Way. For GE Appliances, the GEA Way reflects a transformational business model that recognizes the double-digit growth of the last five years - the best- performing, highest-earning years the company has experienced.

From growing microenterprises to new, exciting investments in communities and American manufacturing, GE Appliances has reinvented how it does business to become the fastest-growing appliance company in the U.S.

And the industry is taking notice.

“GE Appliances has transitioned its core business philosophy from company-centric to customer-centric – removing organizational barriers; blowing up bureaucratic, top-down decision-making; and growing closer to its consumers [GE Appliances refers to them as ‘owners’],” an excerpt from the article states. “The result is a multitude of independent microenterprises within the business that are led by the company’s own employees. This model allows them to make decisions based upon the wants and needs of their owners and the market. And the switch to these smaller, more nimble businesses within the larger organization is paying off big."

You can read the entire FORTUNE article here.