GE Profile™ UltraFast Combo Takes Center Stage at ENERGY STAR® Product Partner Meeting

Oct 10th 2023

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) invited our Laundry Team to its annual ENERGY STAR® Product Meeting to learn more about the product that’s been creating quite a buzz in clean and green spaces. The purpose of the meeting was to address barriers in using Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) rebates and to drive adoption of induction cooking and heat pump water heaters, HVAC systems and dryers to deliver on sustainability initiatives.

Ken Rudolph (senior director – clothes care product management) and John Schlafer (senior counsel of governmental affairs) spoke to attendees about the ENERGY STAR® qualified all-in-one product and how it is the prime path to achieve heat pump dryer adoption. They also shared how the GE Profile UltraFast Combo essentially creates a new appliance category and how it could/should be eligible for Energy Star® qualification as a heat pump dryer and IRA credits created to give consumers tax breaks when purchasing more sustainable and energy efficient home appliance products.

The title of the presentation was “Revolutionizing Laundry”, which this product certainly is doing by allowing consumers to wash and dry their clothing in one unit in under two hours. Rudolph highlighted that owners only need a conventional 110V plug and there is 50 percent more energy efficient drying with GE Appliances’ ventless heat pump technology. The UltraFast Combo has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval™ and won Green Builder’s 2023 Sustainable Product of the Year.

The product is the fastest GE Appliances’ product to reach 1,000 reviews, with 93 percent of consumers reporting they would recommend others to purchase the product. The UltraFast Combo is selling faster than all other heat pump dryers combined.