GEA Employee by Day, Novelist by Night

Apr 21st 2023

It's not every day you meet someone who coexists in both the technical world of a manufacturing plant and a mystical fantasy world of her own creation.

But for Decatur, Ala., team member Marti Boshers, her 20-year career on the factory floor at GE Appliances is just one part of her life story. 

Boshers is also a published author of a popular fantasy book series with a dedicated following.

Marti poses for a photo on the factory floor next to the refrigerators

Inspired by her love of reading fantasy novels, Boshers' writing journey began about 15 years ago with family and friends' encouragement.

"I was just writing all the time," she said. "My family would read it and say, 'This is so good. You've got to do something with this.'"

So she did.

With notebook in hand, Boshers began to pen her fantasy series—often jotting down ideas and filling pages of handwritten notes while on breaks during her shift at GEA Decatur, where she helps build top-freezer refrigerators.

"I always have a notebook in my purse or backpack," she said. "If it's a real good idea, you've got to write it down."

Each night, Boshers would return home to the comfort of her couch, chipping away at her notes and typing them into chapters.

By 2015, while working and raising a family, Boshers had published her first book, The Faewitch, a young-adult fantasy novel about a girl "torn from the mortal world and brought to a land full of magic."

The book and the genre captured her imagination so much that The Faewitch eventually turned into a three-book series.

A photo of Marti sitting at a table surrounded by her books for a book signing

Since then, Boshers has written a three-book Irish mafia crime fiction series called A Garrison Family Saga. She's currently working on a fourth installment in the series with even more planned.

Under the pen name MJ Boshers, she uses social media to connect with fans and followers, including close to 10,000 combined on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

While she admits marketing her books is the hardest part, the platforms help her promote her work and book signings, which once included a three-state Barnes & Noble book tour for The Faewitch series.

A photo of Marti sitting at a table surrounded by her books for a book signing at Barnes & Noble

Today she's optimistic that her latest book series will be turned into a movie. A Garrison Family Saga has been submitted to Taleflick, an online searchable library of books that connects authors with film or TV producers.

Until then, Boshers has already proved you can succeed in multiple fields and that passion fuels success in any endeavor, whether work or artistic expression.

Whatever's next, she knows she’ll be writing.

"Hopefully, there's a movie," she said. "If not, I'll just go to the next book. I'll be writing for the rest of my life."

More About Marti:

  • Marti has worked nearly all jobs on the mainline at GEA Decatur. She's also worked on preassembly, shipping and the fork truck.
  • Her husband, Danny, also works at GEA Decatur. They have a nine-year-old daughter.
  • Aside from her first book, Marti has designed and illustrated all her book covers.
  • Marti often uses friends' or coworkers' names for character names in her books.
  • Her books are sold at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Amazon, and internationally.
  • Learn more about her and her books at