Let’s Talk Turkey: 7 tips from GE Appliances for a great Thanksgiving meal

Nov 22nd 2021

Many people rate Thanksgiving as one of the most stressful cooking holidays of the year, but we’re changing that mindset with our connected capabilities.

Between our top turkey tips from our GE Appliances Cooking Team and new software updates, including Turkey Mode, this may be everyone’s best bird yet.

Check out our seven tips below to help you prepare a great Thanksgiving meal!

1. Plan ahead: Turkeys take several days to thaw in the fridge. If your probe indicates a turkey temperature less than 38°F when you insert it to begin cooking, it may still need extra time to thaw. Be sure to use our planning countdown list.

2. Probe Placement is Key. Theprobe tip should be inserted into the deepest part of the turkey breast, which is the slowest heating spot. The probe tip should not point outwards, touch the turkey cavity, or poke through to the surface of the turkey.

3. Use the right pan. A roasting pan with a rack or a broil pan with a grid is best, so the turkey can sit above any juices.

4. Go Low: Generally, the turkey pan should be placed low in the oven but always check the SmartHQ app or LCD screen to ensure the best placement.

5. To Brine or Not to Brine: With Turkey Mode, there’s no need to brine, but if you are a fan of brining, check periodically and cover your turkey loosely with foil if needed as brined turkeys tend to brown more quickly.

6. Customize the Big Day: Thanks to Turkey Mode, your oven can gobble back at you when the turkey is done and you can add an extra festive touch with custom wallpapers for your LCD screen.

7. Get Creative: In addition to the turkey, get creative this holiday season and update your accompanying dishes like this great recipe for make-ahead herbed shallot mushroom gravy.

Learn more about Turkey Mode and how to get the update here.

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