PBS NewsHour profiles apprentice partnership between Interapt and GE Appliances

May 12th 2021

One of America’s longest-running and most respected news programs will soon tell the story of two Louisville companies – and how they’re offering a new path to economic opportunity.

PBS NewsHour Correspondent Paul Solman visited Louisville on May 6 and 7 to report on the apprenticeship program offered by technology services firm Interapt and the work their apprentices are doing for GE Appliances’ SmartHome business.

Interapt, which celebrated its 10th anniversary on May 11, helps build the technology workforce by offering skills training to people without college degrees – especially those in underserved communities. 

Some of the graduates of that training are now working alongside Interapt’s IT Solutions team as paid apprentices, creating web and mobile applications for multiple clients. The apprentices working on these projects will gain additional certifications to help grow their careers.

Alongside Interapt’s skilled coders, apprentices have helped build out GE Appliances' SmartHQ technology, which allows customers to connect to some of the company’s cutting-edge appliances from their phones. 

Thanks to the work of Interapt’s apprentices who collaborate with GE Appliances engineers, consumers can now do everything from starting their morning coffee to making soft, chewy ice nuggets with GE Profile’s wildly popular Opal ice maker all from their smartphone or tablet. 

And there’s more work ahead: Interapt teams will be expanding into new cooking features building upon the new in-oven camera in the GE Profile™ ovens.

GE Appliances' collaboration with Interapt is helping deliver high-quality solutions, while providing life-changing opportunities. 

It's a partnership that's a perfect fit for PBS NewsHour’s “Work Shift” series, which focuses on people taking new paths into the workforce through skills training and other programs.

The PBS story is expected to air in late May or early June.

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