GE Appliances announces new citizenship goals

Apr 22nd 2022

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GE Appliances (GEA) marked Earth Day by releasing its 2021 Corporate Citizenship Report, highlighting the latest progress and five bold new goals that will power the company's future work across its five core pillars: Community Engagement, Inclusion & Diversity, Operations Sustainability, Product Sustainability, and Compliance & Ethics.

Good Things Begin with Good Citizenship. A copy of the citizenship report

Inspired by people and powered by innovation, GE Appliances is committed to building the world's best appliances and strengthening communities. The GEA Way Forward goals, developed with employees, customers and appliance owners, reflect the company's top priorities and are driving GE Appliances' Citizenship efforts.

The GEA Way Forward Goals

  • Create 10,000 U.S. jobs by 2027.
  • Reach 40% women and 40% people of color by 2025.
  • Use 15% less energy to make each product at all U.S. plants by 2026. (from 2020 baseline)
  • Transition 100% of products produced in North America to lower global warming potential refrigerants and foams by 2025.
  • Spend $1 billion cumulatively with diverse suppliers by 2030.

“This work is central to who we are as a business and what we want to accomplish in the future,” said Kevin Nolan, president and CEO of GE Appliances. “Now more than ever, our customers and owners want to know they are doing business with a company that’s not just focused on products, but people and the planet as well. I am fortunate to lead a company you can trust that is committed to this work.”

group of students smile together wearing GEA Way shirts

In 2021, GE Appliances formally joined the UN Global Compact. In addition to highlighting the company’s work in the five pillars of GEA Citizenship, the report also contains a Global Reporting Initiative index and outlines what the business is doing connected with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The 2021 GEA Corporate Citizenship Report is available online here

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