GE Appliances creates new commercial laundry team, announces San Diego Zoo partnership

Dec 1st 2021

Today, GE Appliances announced it’s entering the commercial laundry space with new Wifi-enabled, easy-to use and powerful front load and top load washer and dryers. 

To commemorate the launch of its commercial laundry products, GE Appliances is announcing a new partnership with the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. 

While visitors don’t typically consider the behind-the-scenes care needed for wildlife at a zoo, the cleanliness of the materials touching the animals every day is a major factor in allowing different species to thrive. 

For this reason, GE Appliances is outfitting the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park with its new commercial machines to handle the heavy-duty laundry demands of 12,000 rare and endangered animals.

With more than 30 washers and dryers installed in the Zoo and Safari Park, the partnership is a testament to the machines' durability, capacity, and wash performance and the first of many examples of how businesses can use the units to improve efficiencies.

To accompany the release, the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and GE Appliances created videos that help bring the partnership to life through stunning images of the animals and an inside look at how laundry is essential to protecting the wildlife. 

Check out the videos on our brand YouTube channel here and watch below to learn more! 

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