GE Appliances kicks off partnership with Be My Eyes

Nov 5th 2021

GE Appliances' brand & marketing teams are kicking off a partnership with "Be My Eyes," the world's largest support community for people who are blind or have low vision.

Team members will serve as volunteers on the Be My Eyes app as the company continues it journey to design products more inclusively.

This app allows employees to help blind and low vision people by serving as their eyes through the phone camera.

GE Appliances' volunteers will learn from app users about their daily needs in the home, how they can better served, and how the company can provide solutions to their unique product needs.

Without leaving their desk, employees will be able to support a blind person with occasional small tasks.

Many Be My Eyes users connect with volunteers for sighted assistance while cooking and for other tasks in the kitchen: sorting through groceries, checking if something is expired, doing the dishes, finding the cereal that a person wants for breakfast, and even choosing a good wine!

Helping with the simplest tasks can make a world of difference to some users, like Julia from Florida. 

She first used Be My Eyes while cooking dinner. Julia wasn't able to tell if the chicken was done and decided to ask a volunteer to take a look.

"It was just amazing that someone from the other side of the world could be in my kitchen and help me with something," she said.

November 4 marked the first of several volunteering opportunities, discussing insights and sharing learnings that will take place over the next year and beyond, with expanded volunteer opportunities across the organization coming in the first quarter of 2022.

Click here to learn more about Be My Eyes.

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