GE Appliances releases 2020 Economic Impact Report

Jan 4th 2021

Building communities, creating opportunities and improving lives.

Today GE Appliances, a Haier co., released its 2020 Economic Impact Report. The report shows the cumulative impact of investments made over the last four years that have created a firm foundation for the challenges the country will face in 2021 and beyond.

The report describes GEA’s expanding U.S. footprint and details the direct and indirect positive impacts it has on the communities where it operates. The company has been building appliances for Americans for more than a century, and today one of every two U.S. homes has a GEA product. With suppliers in all 50 states, 13,000 employees across the country and an additional 62,000 employed as a result of its economic activities, GEA is among the few companies so thoroughly integrated into the fabric of America.

“Our economic impact report reflects GE Appliances’ commitment to ensuring that in building our company we also build communities, create opportunities and improve the lives of our employees and other stakeholders. I’m proud of every member of our team for the work they do to make that commitment a reality,” said Kevin Nolan, chief executive officer. “More than 80,000 families are supported by our operations here in the U.S., and together we are working every day to strengthen the positive effects GEA creates in our communities.”

GEA has been essential in helping American families with life’s daily tasks as they spend more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kitchen and laundry products from factories in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, its nationwide distribution, and its service and installation networks enabled GEA to serve consumers faster and better.

The total U.S. economic impact of GEA’s 2018-2020 activities is $26 billion annually, driven by:

  • Three R&D centers, including two in Louisville where GEA employs 900 engineers
  • Manufacturing operations in Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina and sales, distribution and support operations give GEA a physical presence in 46 states
  • $938 million invested in new production and distribution facilities / technology since 2018
  • Over $2.2 billion in employee compensation since 2018
  • $7 billion in purchases from ~3,200 U.S. suppliers in all 50 states and D.C.
  • Generated over $3 billion in federal, state and local community taxes
  • Over 62,000 jobs annually induced by GEA, its employees and suppliers’ economic activities.

The report also details how the company’s operations at its Louisville headquarters, where 7,100 are employed, continue to fuel growth in the region. During 2018-20 over $342 million was invested in new products, facilities and technology. Growth also continues in Georgia with two new facilities opened, $193 million in new investments and employment in the state increased to more than 2,000 associates. Additional GEA manufacturing facilities in Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee account for nearly 2,000 additional U.S. jobs, as the company has continued investing in expansion and modernization projects at the facilities. 

Download the full report here