GE Appliances’ Partnership to Grow Diverse Suppliers is Making Headlines

Jan 17th 2023

One of our GEA Way Forward goals published in our 2021 Corporate Citizenship Report is to spend $1 billion cumulatively with diverse-owned suppliers by 2030. We know that a diverse supply chain makes us a stronger company, and our supply chain should reflect the diversity of our owners.

When Louisville was at the epicenter of the fight for social justice in 2020 following the death of Breonna Taylor, our CEO Kevin Nolan led the charge to create a public-private partnership, the first-of-its-kind in the country, squarely aimed at growing diverse-owned suppliers in our hometown. The goal is to develop diverse-owned businesses that will not only support GE Appliances, but the other major companies and manufacturers throughout the region.

The partnership was recently featured by KET, the Kentucky public television station. Learn more about this initiative with Greater Louisville Inc. that has the potential to change the fabric of Louisville.

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