U.S. and Global Operations

GE Appliances is a global company headquartered in Louisville, Ky. with employees and operations in nearly every U.S. state, we also benefit from a global network of support that helps make the world’s best appliances.

GE Appliances has its largest operations at Appliance Park in Louisville, Ky., our home since 1951. The 750-acre facility, where 8,500 team members design and build appliances and support corporate operations. Our company also has manufacturing plants in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee, in addition to 14 U.S. distribution centers, six national and regional call centers, two research and design centers and two inbound logistics centers. Additionally, GE Appliances has operations in Puerto Rico and other countries around the world.


Operations include supply chain and technology support


Computer-aided engineering and digital technology support


Engineering and supply chain support

Puerto Rico

Operations include sales, distribution, service, finance, digital technology and human resources personnel dedicated to sales, distribution and service of major appliances for Puerto Rico and other islands in the Caribbean market.

South Korea

Technology, software engineering development and supply chain support.