Love Him or Lose Him | Kristi Saathoff reflects on Pride Month

Jun 17th 2021

Editor's note: June is Pride month, and some of our Pride affinity network members are sharing their personal perspectives on what the month means to them. This week’s post is written by Kristi Saathoff, Senior Director, Product Management - Commercial A/C.

The reason why I am an ally for our Pride Affinity Network is because it is personal for me. You see, my son Derek came out to my husband and I while he was in high school 20+ years ago. 

We quickly realized we had one of two choices: love him or lose him. Well, that was an easy decision and we accepted him for who he is and couldn’t love him more.

Derek went onto New York City to enter the modeling industry. He has become very successful over the years and now runs his own modeling company in NYC. 

In a place and an industry that is known to chew people up and spit them out, Derek has always remained true to himself. He is kind and caring toward the people he works with and the models he represents. 

It’s probably the thing that his dad and I are most proud of amid his success.

There is power when there is diversity of thought within any business. We are better when we include all types of people, from different backgrounds and perspectives, who help us to come together and generate the best ideas possible.

Happy Pride Month!

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