Making clean energy investments in our Appliance Distribution Centers

May 13th 2021

The distribution network of GE Appliances (GEA), a Haier co., is always looking for ways to operate more efficiently—saving the company time and money while helping protect the environment in accordance with our company values and our U.N. Global Compact commitment

That's why all of our Appliance Distribution Centers (ADCs) are now powered by fully electric material handling equipment. The state of California, in an effort to promote clean energy and reduce carbon emissions by 20% by the year 2030, is now recognizing and rewarding GEA for our commitment to clean energy.

The Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), administered by the California Air Resource Board, is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging the use of clean energy alternatives. Under this standard, petroleum importers, refiners, and wholesalers (the companies that produce the most greenhouse gas emissions) must stay below the carbon intensity target line. 

If not, they create carbon deficits that must be somehow offset. The primary way to overcome this deficit is by investing in low carbon alternatives or purchasing credits from companies like GEA that consistently operate above the target line through their own investments in green alternative fuels. This LCFS program encourages oil companies to invest in clean energy themselves or pay the price of clean energy credits.

Partnering with Toyota Material Handling Solutions in Southern California and Smart Charging Technologies, we've  enrolled in the Low Carbon Fuel Standard process called the Smart Rebate Program™. 

GEA is rewarded with rebates every quarter for each piece of clean energy alternative material handling equipment we operate. In our Los Angeles ADC, we operate more than 135 clean energy forklifts and tuggers. 

When our Northern California Distribution center opens in 2022, we'll add another 25 forklifts to that list. This amounts to over $250,000 per year in rebates for GEA!

Other states, including Oregon and Washington, are jumping on board with California to offer similar programs, and we’ll be adding another 35 clean energy forklifts to our fleet at our ADC near Auburn, Wash. by 2023.

By taking advantage of this Smart Rebates™ program, GE Appliances is able to invest in even more energy efficient equipment and further contribute to our Corporate Citizenship goals and U.N. Global Compact pledge.

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